Friday, February 15, 2013

Blogging Break

This blog began one month ago, yesterday. A month of blogging! And guess what? I'm exhausted. Oh, I love the writing. And I love, after years of writing for an audience of myself and my writing partners (fiction, but still...), hearing from readers in comments and emails. As I said to a former writing teacher, "funny, everything I write, now, gets published!"

But, I've come to realize that that blogging requires, or attaches the blogger to, a level of internet connectivity that is hard to control or turn off. For years, I would log on to Facebook only when someone contacted me, or tagged me, or friended me. Lately, I'm checking the FB app like it's my email (i.e.: too much). I've also had an education in Feedburner, Twitter, Hoot Suite, LinkedIn, and Google+. Yes, my head is spinning, too.

Lucky for me, my family is going on vacation next week. Thanks to good ol' George Washington's birthday, we're in for some good ol' R&R. For me, among other things, that will mean a break from blogging, and from newfangled social networks. The old-fashioned kind--that is, conversation with friends and family whom I can see and touch--will do me just fine.

I may even read a book. On paper. (No, let's be honest: that won't happen...but I'll read on the Kindle--the kind that doesn't have internet--rather than my phone.)  Baby steps.

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